Black Panther 2 Rumor Beyonce Being Approached By Marvel?

Beyoncé is now in discussions with Marvel to give her heavenly vocals into Ryan Coogler’s Dark Panther Two As a portion of a $90 million deal with the House.

When the audio superstar attached herself it wouldn’t be a stretch. Beyoncé is turning from the launch of her 14-track record”The Present” to follow Disney’s live-action The Lion King.

Throughout The Lion King’s 2019 press tour, Beyoncé’s participation from the movie centered dialogue using all the star-studded cast.

It might also be too early to get an artist to plank the Black Panther two soundtrack.

The Stage Five Marvel movie is just two decades away, with six additional MCU movies ahead in line.

Billie Eilish has that honour , following a whirlwind year to Grammy-award documents and Billboard charts.

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